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How Do you Know if your Logo Is Good?

A great logo communicates the right message to the right people. Through visual communication, it catches the eye of the target market and speaks to their interests. It tells them who you are, what you’re about, and why the two

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Find you on Facebook? Why?! Ideas for Social Marketing

It seems that all businesses have invested in some social media platform at this point. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or something else, we have all seen the potential for expanding our brands and reaching new customers with social

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Art Imitating Life

Recently, a friend and I were trying to think of the most successful company using a “bad” logo. After a lot of debate, we settled on Sysco, which – if you are not familiar – is a company that provides

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Social Networking: Keeping it Real

Recently I passed a large billboard on the highway that was advertising a local car dealership. From experience in the advertising world, I know that billboard space on busy highways can cost as much as $10-$30,000 per month. Yes, you

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Logo as Signage

We are happy to show you a new logo designed for the Visiting Artists Gallery in Tiverton Four Corners. It is always important to keep in mind how a logo will read as a sign. Strong colors that compliment the

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The Modern Blog

Today we launched “Discover FarmCoast,” a blog designed for the FarmCoast organization which promotes the history, culture and events of select communities in southern New England.  The parent website is largely static, providing visitors with a wealth of information about beaches,

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Google Places: Get Listed

Google has long been the king of search. Most businesses are well aware of the competition to be listed on the first page for a search term. Google also provides an option for brick and mortar businesses to be added

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Work Smart Secrets

Some quick tips for efficiently managing your online presence without going insane…. You have a content-managed website. You have a Facebook page. You started a Twitter account and signed up with an email marketing system. But now, these tools are

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Social Networking: What's in it for You?

These days, most businesses have at least considered integrating one or more of the social networking platforms into their marketing plan. Facebook and MySpace currently dominate the marketplace, Facebook holding a commanding lead with nearly 120 million unique users (a

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Coupon's Prove Desirable Among Affluent

In September 2009, a Neilson study reported that overall coupon usage is up 23% from last year. Affluent consumers ($70k+) are the heaviest coupon users, followed by large households, households lead by women under the age of 54, and others

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