Work Smart Secrets

social media

Some quick tips for efficiently managing your online
presence without going insane….

You have a content-managed website. You have a Facebook page. You started a Twitter account and signed up with an email marketing system. But now, these tools are taking up more time than your team can commit, or they simply aren’t being maintained at all. Before you throw in the towel, make sure you are getting the most out of every keystroke.

1. Stick to a Schedule
Set aside some time – once a week, every two weeks, whatever works for you – and use this time to review your on-line presence, including your Google Analytics.

2. Write it Once, Use it Everywhere
Once you have written about a recent event announcement, perspective, innovation, etc. post it everywhere:

  • to your blog or elsewhere on your website
  • to your Facebook & Twitter
  • in your email marketing

3. Synchronize
Make sure that you have the current technology in place to synchronize your systems.

  • Sync your mailing list database to your website so that new leads are automatically added
  • Sync your blog with Facebook
  • Sync your Facebook with Twitter
  • Sync your website home page to auto-include your most recent blog or Facebook post
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