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Being Mindful

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Toil is the Price of Excellence

As we cultivate letterforms with the ease of vectorized software, it’s humbling to look back 100 years and appreciate the beauty and dedication of yesterday’s penmanship practitioners. With school children no longer learning cursive, and letter-writing generally reduced to quaint

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A Design both Historic and Contemporary

New England is known for both its historic treasures and its progressive attitude and this 17th century farm, located in Dartmouth, MA, perfectly demonstrates this duality. Year-round they tend their acres using the same sustainable farming methods that have been

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Public Design

The Library of Congress has a rich collection of posters created by the Works Progress Administration which demonstrate our rich history of hand lettered design. These “fonts” still feel contemporary, familiar, elegant.

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Designing with Type

Occasionally we get to do a gallery card in which the artwork is not yet available, which means we get to really showcase the fonts in the design. This mash up combines a font classics like American Typewriter with a

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The Perfect Font

When we received the opportunity to rebrand the historic village of Tiverton Four Corners, one of our most exciting challenges was identifying the appropriate font. We began the hunt by looking at type faces originated in the late 17th and

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MOMA Type Exhibit

MOMA has a lovely typography exhibit running through July 2010 which covers printed matter from the hugely influential New Typography (Die Neue Typographie) movement of the 1920’s and 30’s including pieces by designer Jan Tschichold. These concepts on layout design

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The NBC Font Fiasco

The NBC corporation is being sued for $2 million in damages over the use of fonts licensed from a font design studio called Font Bureau, out of Boston. The fonts in question are Bureau Grotesque, Interstate and Antenna. The claim is that

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