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How Do you Know if your Logo Is Good?

A great logo communicates the right message to the right people. Through visual communication, it catches the eye of the target market and speaks to their interests. It tells them who you are, what you’re about, and why the two

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Find you on Facebook? Why?! Ideas for Social Marketing

It seems that all businesses have invested in some social media platform at this point. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or something else, we have all seen the potential for expanding our brands and reaching new customers with social

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Art Imitating Life

Recently, a friend and I were trying to think of the most successful company using a “bad” logo. After a lot of debate, we settled on Sysco, which – if you are not familiar – is a company that provides

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Packaging Design

Luscious packaging for a collection of gourmet olive oils and vinegars.  

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The Modern Blog

Today we launched “Discover FarmCoast,” a blog designed for the FarmCoast organization which promotes the history, culture and events of select communities in southern New England.  The parent website is largely static, providing visitors with a wealth of information about beaches,

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A Design both Historic and Contemporary

New England is known for both its historic treasures and its progressive attitude and this 17th century farm, located in Dartmouth, MA, perfectly demonstrates this duality. Year-round they tend their acres using the same sustainable farming methods that have been

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Social Networking: What's in it for You?

These days, most businesses have at least considered integrating one or more of the social networking platforms into their marketing plan. Facebook and MySpace currently dominate the marketplace, Facebook holding a commanding lead with nearly 120 million unique users (a

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Using your Customer to Articulate your Brand

We live in the world of Web 2.0. – a generation of the internet wherein users generate the content. Think: Facebook, Trip-Advisor, Bloggers. The comments and opinions of a highly individualized consumer culture reign supreme. We no longer shop for

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A Non-Profit Logo Design

A seasoned Nigerian-American diplomat decided to organize a non-profit, AFRILINK Entrepreneurs Intl., that pairs professional young African entrepreneurs with American business mentors to enrich the small business efforts of stable African communities. Creating this brand, we started with the logo.

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Open for Business!

We were delighted to have the opportunity to design the OPEN flags for the businesses of Tiverton Four Corners. Our goal with this collection of sherbet colored flags (pinks, oranges, blues and lime greens) was to highlight the independent businesses

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