Find you on Facebook? Why?! Ideas for Social Marketing

It seems that all businesses have invested in some social media platform at this point. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or something else, we have all seen the potential for expanding our brands and reaching new customers with social media, you could get famoid free followers and see growth. That said, most of don’t really enjoy keeping up with these accounts. Getting more views for any video is important. How many of us have started a Twitter account only to abandon it a few months later? My guess is too many. What’s more, how many of us slap an obligatory “Find us on Facebook” on our website or packaging without giving the consumer any reason to do so?

We always advise our customers to only take on the social media that they can handle & you can look here to learn & create your own website. For example, if you only have time to maintain one account, it makes sense to choose the best venue for your market and focus on that. So once you have chosen the social media platform(s) that will serve you best, it’s time to maintain them in a way that will be effective.

1. Be a Part of the Conversation
When you have people commenting on your social media posts, join in! Respond to positive and negative feedback with honest and open answers. Let people know that your business is made of real people with passion and responsible practices. 

2. Know your Brand
It can be difficult knowing what exactly to say on these accounts. But if you know your brand–the personality of your business–then you will know how that “voice” would speak and respond. Understand that what you share is a reflection on your brand and will be key in how your customers feel and respond to your marketing.

3. Keep a Schedule
Decide how often you are going to log in to your social media accounts and try to stick to it. Let your readers know that you can be expected to chime in on a regular basis rather than disappear without notice for long periods of time.

4. Incentivize
If you are going to ask readers to “Find you on Facebook” etc., give them a reason! Tell them that they can find out about events, special offers, news, et al by connecting to you. For more tips, check out the Coca-Cola Facebook page or the Ellen DeGeneres Twitter account; outside of musicians, these accounts rank highest in popularity/followers.

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