A Non-Profit Logo Design

A seasoned Nigerian-American diplomat decided to organize a non-profit, AFRILINK Entrepreneurs Intl., that pairs professional young African entrepreneurs with American business mentors to enrich the small business efforts of stable African communities.

Creating this brand, we started with the logo. The logo needed to speak to multiple markets. First, we are speaking to the established American professionals (potential mentors) who are interested in investing in Africa’s economy. Second, we needed to attract attention from the young Africans (potential entrepreneurs). We were mindful to avoid any design decisions that might suggest that AFRILINK is a charity of some sort, because it simply is not.

Some our early concepts focused on symbolizing the bridging of the two countries. We stayed with clean, contemporary sans-serifed fonts that had a impactive presence.  We wanted to suggest forward motion, fresh thinking, as well as trust and seriousness.

Later concepts focused on making a direct visual connection between the two countries.  Our final logo (below) communicates the most important concepts – two countries working together, forward motion, and integrity – using fonts and a color palette that bridges the gap between older financial professional and young aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in learning more about this organization, check back in a few weeks when their website will be featured in our portfolio!

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