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A Website Re-Design

When this San Francisco-based client came to us with an outdated web design, we were eager to help. They had an amazing portfolio of images showing their expert tile and marble designs, and served a high-end clientele, but their web

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The Perfect Font

When we received the opportunity to rebrand the historic village of Tiverton Four Corners, one of our most exciting challenges was identifying the appropriate font. We began the hunt by looking at type faces originated in the late 17th and

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Aboriginal Graphics for 2010 Olympics

Check out this great feature on how the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics branding team brought in Coast Salish artist, Xwa lack tun (Rick Harry) to create aboriginal graphics, adding further contextual flavor to their overall dynamic. Each image tells a

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The NBC Font Fiasco

The NBC corporation is being sued for $2 million in damages over the use of fonts licensed from a font design studio called Font Bureau, out of Boston. The fonts in question are Bureau Grotesque, Interstate and Antenna. The claim is that

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