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Blogging at the Next Level

If blogging isn’t a part of your business’ marketing plan, you might be missing out on a hugely effective method for attracting quality leads, advertising your brand, creating new partnerships, and increasing your monthly web hits. Here are a few

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Jumpstart your PR Efforts

by Hillary Knauf The traditional marketing mix consists of advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, and public relations efforts. Public Relations, in the broadest sense, is the function of generating goodwill toward a company or organization. PR focuses on the relationships

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Low-Cost Promotion

Send Out a Simple Press Release There is no better advertising than an editorial about your business. Press releases can be written to announce an event, new product line, recent success of any kind, new partnerships, etc. Once your release

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Ten Common Website Mistakes

1. Using a Splash Page The Search engines put enormous value on the home page text. If a home page has little or no text, Google responds with a poor ranking. 2. Poor Photography So many websites sabotage their potential

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Get Results from a Smarter Home Page Design

Is your home page designed with features that will improve your Google ranking? Does your home page offer immediate access to the site’s key features? Does your home page effectively communicate the company brand? Or, how about this one: does

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Promoting your Website Updates with RSS

Does your website have a blog or “Upcoming Events” page? If so, you are probably making frequent updates to this area to promote your business activities, such as special events, press coverage, awards, etc. Now that the information is on

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Simple & Affordable E-mail Marketing

There is perhaps no easier way to put your message in front of a targeted audience than email marketing. Put your database to work and bring more traffic to your website by implementing a simple e-mail marketing campaign.

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The Secret to a Better Search Engine Rank

Are you obsessed with your website’s Google ranking? Or maybe you’re always looking for more hits? Well, as you might have guessed, there is a hefty list of criteria that the search engines use to calculate your website’s rank, but

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A Blog of One's Own

How often does your website change? Integrated blogs are all the rage these days and it’s no wonder why. When you integrate a blog into your website, you create a webpage that you can easily modify anytime with new messages

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