Blogging at the Next Level

If blogging isn’t a part of your business’ marketing plan, you might be missing out on a hugely effective method for attracting quality leads, advertising your brand, creating new partnerships, and increasing your monthly web hits. Here are a few tips that will help the casual blogger take their efforts to the next level.

1. Identify Your Target Community
Locate the blogs that are affiliated with, or related to your business. Include the blogs of major media outlets, heavy-hitters within your field, local voices, and others who appreciate and share your interests. Once you’ve located these sources, make a list and include the e-mail addresses of their authors.

2. Join the Conversation
Visit the blogs in your target community and be a part of the conversation. Leave comments that include your name and website. Just keep in mind that you represent your brand.

3. Use your Blog to Promote Yourself & Others
The content of your blog can include notes about your promotions, your community, culture, etc. And throughout this writing, try to include relevant links. Further, take the time to recognize the works of others, giving them the type of attention you would appreciate in return. Consider including interviews, features, and offering guest blogging spots for cross promotion.

4. Be the Guest Blogger
Offer to write guest blog posts for your favorite blogs. A little work goes a long way when you put yourself out there.

5. Distribute
Now that you have a handy list of bloggers, include them in your press release distributions. When possible, send samples or give-aways to sweeten the incentive to spotlight your business.

6. Commit to your Blog
Include a link to your blog every chance you get. Put one at the bottom of your e-mail signature. Add it to your business card. Sprinkle links throughout your website content and e-newsletter content. Register your blog with blog directories and other resource websites. Get the attention you deserve.

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