Ten Common Website Mistakes

1. Using a Splash Page
The Search engines put enormous value on the home page text. If a home page has little or no text, Google responds with a poor ranking.

2. Poor Photography

So many websites sabotage their potential by using amateur photos. Professional photos engage readers and motivate buyers.

3. Not Enough Content
The content (written text) is the most important feature on a website with regard to search engine ranking.

4. Outdated Content
Websites should be living entities, with content that changes on a regular basis. Readers are motivated to return to updated sites. Discovering outdated information however, is a detraction.

5. No Internal Links
Embedded internal links allow readers to wander through your site in an organic fashion, clicking on content as it becomes interesting to them, rather than being forced to read content page by page.

6. Histrionic Content

For business websites, the primary content should focus on the reader – benefits offered and solutions provided.

7. No Marketing Support

Having a well-designed website doesn’t guarantee recognition. Websites must be marketed to draw in traffic. Listing the site with on-line directories is a free and painless first step.

8. Poor Design
Good design is everything. Design motivates readers, allows intuitive navigation of the site, communicates the brand and culture of the business, and comnveys trustworthiness.

9. Delayed Response
Websites that include contact forms need to be monitored so that prospects seeking more information can receive timely responses. Delayed responses breed insecurity.

10. MIA Contact Info

Contact information, especially a phone number, should be prominently displayed on each page, not hidden away.

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