The Secret to a Better Search Engine Rank

Are you obsessed with your website’s Google ranking?
Or maybe you’re always looking for more hits?

Well, as you might have guessed, there is a hefty list of criteria that the search engines use to calculate your website’s rank, but the good news is that, above all, content is king! Unlike the old days, when your keywords or meta-tags were the most valuable information to Google, these days the content of your site is your most effective tool in obtaining a higher search engine rank and therefore more hits.
Why is this good news? Your are already an expert on your business and the products or services that you offer. By organizing and sharing your wealth of information, you create a website that is rich in information that is resourceful to the reader. And this is the ultimate goal of Google and the other search engines: to provide valuable resources to the customer.

EXAMPLE: A new website for the “City Soap Dish” has “soap” listed as one of it’s keywords or meta-tags. However, the website uses text sparsely and relies heavily on pictures of the products.

A competitor, “Sam’s Soap Emporium” also has a new website with the meta-tag “soap.” Sam’s website includes content about the history of soap, descriptions of all of his soap products, and information about soap ingredients. Guess who’s website gets the higher rank?

OTHER FACTORS: In addition to content, there are several other factors that contribute to your website’s ranking:

Incoming Links*
Outgoing Links
Overall Age of Your Site
Your current monthly visitor count
Freshness of content Keywords or Meta-tags

*Links to your site are more valuable when they come from from well-ranked sites

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