Low-Cost Promotion

Send Out a Simple Press Release
There is no better advertising than an editorial about your business. Press releases can be written to announce an event, new product line, recent success of any kind, new partnerships, etc. Once your release is written, collect the email addresses of the editors that work for your target publications, and send it off. Attach a picture to accompany the piece whenever possible.

Get Some Blog Love

The web is now loaded with beautifully maintained blogs that are ambitiously dedicated to various subjects, and every niche therein. More importantly, they have loyal readers. Look around and see which successful blogs cover your area of business. Once you’ve found them, send them information about your business, with pictures of course! Bloggers have to produce new content on a daily basis, and are oftentimes more receptive than printed publications.

Share the Exposure (And the Cost)

For many businesses, there is opportunity in partnering with a related or complimentary business. This relationship can result in co-branded marketing materials, advertising and event exposure. All at half-cost!

Ask for Referrals
When a customer is pleased with their experience, they are happy to make referrals. So often, one must simply ask in order to receive. Some businesses offer credits, discounts, etc. to encourage referrals and demonstrate appreciation. Referral relationships might also be obtained with related businesses by a simple conversation.

Partner with a Non-Profit
Offer your service or product to a non-profit that would fit nicely with your brand. In exchange, you may be granted recognition at their events, in their collateral, etc. In-kind giving can be a wonderful way to establish new relationships and achieve additional exposure.

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