Simple & Affordable E-mail Marketing

There is perhaps no easier way to put your message in front of a targeted audience than email marketing. Put your database to work and bring more traffic to your website by implementing a simple e-mail marketing campaign.

Why It Works

Deepen Your Customer Relationship
Remind your clients and prospects who you are, what you offer, and why you are unique.
Boost On-Line Sales
Drive business to your website by generating interest while providing direct links.

Understand Your Client
Track your e-mails as readers open, forward, and interact with the material to learn about what works best for your market.

Getting Started

Review your Database
No matter what database system you may use, you will need to export your contacts into an Excel file in preparation for an e-mail group.

“Join Our Mailing List”

If you haven’t already, add a “Join Our Mailing List” feature to your website. Explain the benefits of joining your mailing list and your privacy policy.

Create A Welcome Letter

By creating a Welcome Letter, you can provide immediate follow-up with new sign-ups for your mailing list.

Choose Your E-mail Marketing System
Modern software has made e-mail marketing fast and easy. Today, you can choose form several well-designed templates and infinitely customize the template. Further, most e-mail systems will not label these communications as SPAM despite the number of recipients. Furthermore, you can expect to get invaluable tracking information such as the following:

Basic Tracking Information
Who opened your e-mail?
How many times did they open the e-mail?
How long did they look at the material?
Which links did they click for more information?
Who forwarded your e-mail?

There are several systems out there that are user and budget friendly*.
Here a just a few:

Constant Contact (
Vertical Response (
Emma (
If you’re ready to get started, but have questions or need help designing your email template, contact us. We’re here to help.

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