Digital Brochures

A digital brochure is essentially a movie about your business. A simple digital brochure might include an elegant slideshow of photographs set to music, followed by contact information. A more sophisticated digital brochure might include narration and video clips. The final product can be burnt to a DVD and mailed off to prospects, added to a website, and uploaded to YouTube*. Some businesses have reported dramatic decreases in their bounce rates† upon adding a simple movie to their home page.

Most digital brochures are economical to produce and have a far greater impact than traditional paper brochures. When you have a digital brochure produced, you obtain ownership of the final “movie” which allows you to produce endless copies as needed. Further, once you’ve uploaded the “movie” to YouTube, you can email the link to clients and prospects.

* Note that YouTube has privacy settings that can be adjusted to block general viewing.
† “Bounce Rate” is the measurement of web traffic coming to a website but immediately leaving for whatever reason. Tracking systems such as Google Analytics provide site owners with this type of information.

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