Getting More for your Advertising Dollars

Once you’ve decided to advertise, you may find yourself asking a familiar question: “How can I get the most bang for my buck?” Here we will review some common strategies to help you achieve just that!

Where to Place Your Ad

If you are a small business you are likely to consider an ad in a newspaper, magazine or in some form of direct mail, as these venues offer the most budget friendly solutions.

Newspapers work best for targeting a client that is already in need of your product or service and is likely to move on this purchase today or in the very near future.

Magazines offer you a chance to target
a more specific market. Although they are more costly, your ad will often include full color and consumers retain the publication for longer periods of time. Magazines are most effective when your ad, or some version of your ad, is repeated in multiple issues.

Direct Mail may be the most cost-effective
form of advertising, but it also requires the most preparation. You’ll need to purchase a database of your target market (Email me for more information about how to buy a list), or you may have already accumulated a sufficient database. Once you have your mailing list and a well-designed mailer, make sure to send your mailer out at least three times to achieve the best impact quotient.

Getting the Contract

Once you have decided on the medium in which you want to advertise, you need to choose the right publication. Ask yourself:

+ Will this publication reach my target market?
+ Are the rates low enough that I can afford sufficient repetition?
+ Will I be advertising during the best time of the year?

Getting an ad contract can be a haggler’s paradise, pricing is often flexible, so be sure to ask for “the best price.” Along with the Press Kit (usually available on the advertiser’s website), which includes demographics and distribution information, request a list of advertiser benefits, as you may be entitled to a link on the publisher’s webpage, or affiliate offers.

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