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Toil is the Price of Excellence

As we cultivate letterforms with the ease of vectorized software, it’s humbling to look back 100 years and appreciate the beauty and dedication of yesterday’s penmanship practitioners. With school children no longer learning cursive, and letter-writing generally reduced to quaint

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A Design both Historic and Contemporary

New England is known for both its historic treasures and its progressive attitude and this 17th century farm, located in Dartmouth, MA, perfectly demonstrates this duality. Year-round they tend their acres using the same sustainable farming methods that have been

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10 Questions to Ask your Web Designer

Every now and then we get a client that comes to us with a history of abuse – telling us their heart-breaking malpractice stories. They’ve worked with a web designer in the past that misled them in some way or

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Some Sites are too Flashy

A few years back, Flash intros were all the rage. They may still have place in very specific situations, but now we must consider the experience of websites on mobile devices. The iPhone and iPad don’t play Flash, and most

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Happy New Year!

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Social Networking: What's in it for You?

These days, most businesses have at least considered integrating one or more of the social networking platforms into their marketing plan. Facebook and MySpace currently dominate the marketplace, Facebook holding a commanding lead with nearly 120 million unique users (a

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Using your Customer to Articulate your Brand

We live in the world of Web 2.0. – a generation of the internet wherein users generate the content. Think: Facebook, Trip-Advisor, Bloggers. The comments and opinions of a highly individualized consumer culture reign supreme. We no longer shop for

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5 Tips for Optimizing your Blog

1. Sync your Blog with Facebook Syncing your blog with Facebook will pull any content that is added to your blog and automatically post it on Facebook saving you precious time. 2. Know the Search Terms your Audience Uses Log

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A Story of Geography

This save-the-date card that we made for a very charming Newport couple tells the story of where they met, where they were engaged, and now, how their friends and family will travel from around the world to meet them here,

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Holiday Cards at the Pish Posh Shop!

You deserve cute holiday cards! Customize any of our designs with your message and will get them to  you in 7-10 days. Order on-line, or give us a call for special requests, such as adding your logo or signatures.

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