Writing Effective Ad Copy

The ultimate goal of an ad is typically to generate response, rather than simply to increase brand awareness. Here are a few notes on how to reach and activate your customer with effective copy.

1. Tell Them Who You Are & Who You Are Not
For example, an organic restaurant might try to target those willing to spend more money for their values of health, thereby excluding those who put greater value on budget. Your copy might read: “Delicious food for those who value healthy meals.”

2. Grab Their Attention
Assume the reader is looking at several ads. Will yours stand out? Make a bold statement with your graphics, copy or both. Don’t let a bad design or too much text hold you back.

3. Make it Believable
If you are making a big promise, etc., provide an explanation and you will earn credibility. For example, if you offer a coupon, you might also include “Thanks to our loyal customers, we are able to offer this coupon.” This copy also suggests that your business is successful, and popularity serves as a motivator for new customers.

4. Call to Action
If you want to get a direct response from your ad, you must include a call to action. Tell the reader what you want: “Call today for a free consultation…” or “Visit our website for a coupon,” etc.

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