Google AdWords = Qualified Traffic

If you want more qualified traffic to your site each month, but don’t have the time for a new marketing campaign, Google AdWords could be your new best friend.

How Do You Get Started? (It’s fairly simple, actually. )

1. Sign Up!
Go to: and sign up with a username and password. Or, if you already have a Google account, you can add this element within that account.

2. Establish your daily budget
There’s no minimum here, and you can change your budget at anytime. A bigger budget will get you more traffic and/or traffic generated by more popular search terms.

3. Write your ad
An ad includes a title, 2 lines of description, and a web address.

4. Choose your keywords
This is where things get interesting. Google provides a handy Keyword Tool that displays averages for search terms. A broad keyword, such as “Restaurant” will be higher priced. More targeted keywords, such as “Vegetarian Restaurant” will be more affordable. Your geographical target will also effect pricing. “Vegetarian Restaurant” will be more expensive in New York City than in Providence.

5. Track your Results
Log-in to your account to track which keywords and geographic areas are most successful and adjust your budget as needed.

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