Tips for Better Advertising Design

The Design Must WORK for You, Not Just Look Pretty.

1. Above All, Branding!
Every marketing material created for your company should maintain the company’s brand. Your brand is defined by the fonts and colors you use, your logo, mission, and history. Using a combination of these elements repetitively helps the consumer to immediately identify your products and services.

2. Keep it Simple
Will your ad stand out on the page? If the design is strong and your message is simple and bold, you are far more likely to attract attention. No one wants to read a lot of text in an ad; a curious consumer will follow-up by visiting your website or by phone.

3. Commit to One Message Per Ad
Don’t make the mistake of trying to say everything about your business in one ad. Choose one message about your product, or service and focus on communicating this message clearly and succinctly.

4. Create a Hierarchy of Communication
If you have a lot to say in your ad, make sure that the communication has a hierarchy in the design so that your reader reads the most important thing first. If they are interested, they will continue to read the secondary message, and so forth. If you put a spotlight on everything, nothing stands out.

5. Give Your Design Adequate Space
Most ad messages need at least a quarter-page ad space to have enough room to get noticed and relay a message effectively. You don’t need a huge amount of space, but try to stay away from the itsy-bitsy spot ads, you may be throwing your dollars away.

An Advertisement Design for Pride Mortgage

An Advertisement Design for Pride Mortgage

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