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MOMA Type Exhibit

MOMA has a lovely typography exhibit running through July 2010 which covers printed matter from the hugely influential New Typography (Die Neue Typographie) movement of the 1920’s and 30’s including pieces by designer Jan Tschichold. These concepts on layout design

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Aboriginal Graphics for 2010 Olympics

Check out this great feature on how the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics branding team brought in Coast Salish artist, Xwa lack tun (Rick Harry) to create aboriginal graphics, adding further contextual flavor to their overall dynamic. Each image tells a

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Google AdWords = Qualified Traffic

If you want more qualified traffic to your site each month, but don’t have the time for a new marketing campaign, Google AdWords could be your new best friend. How Do You Get Started? (It’s fairly simple, actually. ) 1.

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Happy Holidays!

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So, What is Website Hosting?

Every business that has a website must have website hosting. So what is it exactly that we’re paying for each month? Website files must be kept on a server that is accessible to the world wide web. The business that

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Pantone's Color Report, Fall 2009

From top to bottom: Majolica Blue, Warm Olive, Rapture Rose, Nomad, Burnt Sienna, Iron, Purple Heart, Honey Yellow, American Beauty, Créme Brulé. Source:

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Coupon's Prove Desirable Among Affluent

In September 2009, a Neilson study reported that overall coupon usage is up 23% from last year. Affluent consumers ($70k+) are the heaviest coupon users, followed by large households, households lead by women under the age of 54, and others

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Blogging at the Next Level

If blogging isn’t a part of your business’ marketing plan, you might be missing out on a hugely effective method for attracting quality leads, advertising your brand, creating new partnerships, and increasing your monthly web hits. Here are a few

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The NBC Font Fiasco

The NBC corporation is being sued for $2 million in damages over the use of fonts licensed from a font design studio called Font Bureau, out of Boston. The fonts in question are Bureau Grotesque, Interstate and Antenna. The claim is that

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The Fabulous Wacom Tablet

For years, wacom has been releasing a tablets that allow you to create art on your computer the way you want to – with a stylus. It takes a little time to get used to the tool, especially the pressure-sensitive tip, but

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